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We also offer a number of other solutions such as liquor control systems, kitchen video as well as network cabling.


Liquor Control System

Having problems keeping track of you liquor costs? With BAR VISION know where every dollar is going. Are we over pouring? Are my bartenders stealing from me? Know the answers to these questions before its too late! BAR VISION seamlessly interfaces with FOCUS POS to keep track of your sales. (Again, only one number to call). *** Don\’t have FOCUS POS? Don\’t worry, BAR VISION interfaces with most point of sales systems.

Kitchen Video

QSR\’s ConnectSmart Kitchen is the worldwide leader in kitchen automation technology.ConnectSmart Kitchen brings a dynamic and flexible solution to the demanding and busy hospitality sector – enhancing productivity and profit to help provide substantial support and assistance to busy kitchens and team members.When meals are ordered, chefs can view the order on kitchen screens and determine which food items to focus on, taking into consideration prep times of each so all items for a table complete at the same time. All front of house staff has access to real-time production information. Corporate management can capture analytical data on food preparation to further improve their service.

Network Cabling

Alpha POS Services will run Category 5 & 6 network cable for your restaurant, making your new FOCUS POS install smooth. (Only one number to call if you have questions or concerns). *** Even if you do not buy your point of sales equipment from us, we can run, terminate and test your network cables.

Alpha POS Services customizes the powerful Focus POS Software to your restaurant needs!


To learn more about Focus POS for table-service restaurants, please contact us today.